The Warren County Special Services School District is dedicated to promoting the highest level of positive growth and development by providing quality, individualized educational programs and services to children with disabilities in regionalized public school settings.

We have been serving the Special Education Community for over 25 years. WCSSSD is the only Special Services School District that provides special education classes exclusively in the public school setting. We currently operate 8 classes, hosted by 6 different school districts throughout Warren County.

WCSSSD takes great pride in the ability of our staff to provide our students, who primarily have lower incidence disabilities, with specialized instruction and services, particularly in the areas of augmentative communication, specialized instruction, pre-vocational training, sensory integration, and applied behavioral analysis. Cooperative efforts with our host schools also provide students with assistance with serious medical conditions.


To their fullest ability, each WCSSSD student can experience some level of inclusion, whether in a general education classroom or through buddy programs used to encourage social and academic interactions.

Our Classes:


Autistic Program:

Franklin Township School

The Primary Autistic Class  is a structured environment with programs developed for each individual child. Components of our program include Behavior Analyses, Communication, Academics, Life Skills, Social Skills, Sensory Integration and inclusion opportunities with age appropriate peers.

Memorial Elementary School

The Elementary Autistic Class or Grades 3-5 use the principles and procedures of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach language, social, self-help, academic, daily living and life skills to children with autism and related disorders. The goals are for students to improve skills in the areas of appropriate behaviors, self-care, communication, social interaction, academics, and classroom inclusion. Each student has a program designed specifically for them so that they can be successful.

Pohatcong School

In the Intermediate Autistic Class students continue to grow, mature and explore with an  emphasis on pre-vocational activities. Each day incorporates a kinesthetic approach in conjunction with behavioral therapy to allow students to prepare for the day’s lesson.

Behavior Disabilities (BD) Programs:

Taylor Street at Washington Boro

The Primary Behavior Disabilities Class is located in Washington, NJ. This  program offers both behavioral and academic support for students in grades K-2. Our focus is to decrease aggressive and defiant behavior while increasing age appropriate social and emotional behavior. Collaboration with staff and families is used to effectively enhance student performance and educational success.

Allamuchy Township School

The Intermediate Behavior Disabilities Class is a program with services for children 9-14 who experience difficulties with behavioral and academic issues. Strong academic and social support is the focus on the improvement of age-appropriate skills in these areas. Students are afforded inclusion opportunities when appropriate.

Hackettstown High School

The High School Behavior Disabilities Class continues to provide strong academic and social support. This program utilizes H.I.L.L.S. House for pre-vocational skills, as well as, the opportunity to be involved in the SLE (Structured Learning Experience) program.

Multiple Disabilities (MD) Programs:

Great Meadows Middle School

The Intermediate Multiple Disabilities Class prepares students to be productive citizens by teaching not only academics but also, social and emotional skills to excel in their life goals and well being. To extend learning experiences, many activities, projects and trips utilize  hands-on opportunities. This program is specifically designed to lead directly into a high school program and offers a Pre-vocational and Life Skills curriculum.

Hackettstown High School

The High School Multiple Disabilities Class is designed to provide students with the necessary skills to transition from a public school setting to work life. Focus is on Community Based Instruction, Structured Learning Experiences and job shadowing, in addition to, a Life Skills curriculum. Students will expand their experiences through field trips which include visits to H.I.L.L.S. House. Every effort is made to help each student attain post-vocational employment, as well as, achieve their academic goals for adult independent living.

Cognitive Severe Program:

Great Meadows Middle School

The Cognitive Severe Class  is designed to meet the unique and individual needs of students in a rich educational environment. The program provides a one to one ratio of students with significant impairments with a  personal paraprofessional.  All students receive occupational, physical and speech language therapy which is integrated into the regular classroom. In addition, students take field trips and visit  H.I.L.L.S. House. Through individualized instruction in the arts, life skills and communication with parents, the students work towards goals to reach their potential.