Warren County Special Services School District

Multiple Disabled High School Class
Belvidere High School

The program is designed for students who need Prevocational/Vocational and Life Skills incorporated into their curriculum.   Academics are taught around the subject of home maintenance, financial management, and choice making strategies for daily living within the community.   In this setting students prepare for job skills and transitioning into independent life skills, as much as they can possibly attain according to their level of function.   The age groups of the students are ages 15-21.  Students learn how to care for themselves and seek independence toward decision making for their future.  Our students are taught according to their Individual Education Plans, as well as the district curriculum, which is aligned with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. Informal and formal assessments are done quarterly and yearly.  The students receive art and music lessons in addition to adaptive physical education.   Students have the opportunity to work and share activities with their non-disabled peers both in school and throughout the community setting.  Ancillary services including nursing, lunch, mainstreaming and job shadowing are provided by and at the Belvidere High School.   The program is equipped with several school vehicles and certified drivers.

One-on-one attention and an appropriate ratio of teachers to students are available.  Students work with a physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist and counselor identified in the Individual Educational Plan. Computer access, technology, and skill programs are available, and adapted to service the students’ needs in order to maximize independence.   Frequent trips are made within the community environment in order to enhance peer and adult interactions.  Some of these trips include:  Shopping at Shop Rite, Baseball games, nursing home visits, Waterloo Historic Village, bowling, ceramic arts center, laundry mat activities, Home Depot, Wal Mart, college center events, Kiwanis club dinners, including any other places that fit to create a better community based learning environment. Paid work sites have been at Shop Rite, McDonalds, Wal-Mart, Paragon Village and Century Wire.  Structured Learning Experiences at Warren Hospital and Hampton Elementary School occur weekly.  While at these job sites, students are assigned a job coach who trains the employee on the job and gradually fades out of the picture.  This occurs as the student makes progress and as the employer, employee, teacher, job coach, and parent feel comfortable.  If a student is appropriate for this SLE it is our goal to have the student experience several job types so that by the time he/she graduates, he/she will be able to choose a career that best fits their likes, needs, and desires.  Another part of our job- training program is to get those students that will require a more structured job placement, like a sheltered workshop, ready for that type of work.  In this area we simulate job types found at a workshop and along with bringing in contract work for the students to work on.